Offshore web hosting has been the topic of discussion in the public domain and several other fora. The subject has received its fair share of critique as well and has continuously received mixed feelings from individuals, webmasters and prominent stakeholders in the IT industry. To have a clear understanding of the ongoing controversy, let’s develop background information on the subject. What is web hosting? Web hosting means putting your website out and making it accessible on the internet (World Wide Web).

Up until 1991, the internet was only designed to accommodate research, education, engineering, email and few other applications. However, there were only available on a limited number of web pages. The reason behind all the restrictions was because the World Wide Web protocol had just been created and there was no graphical web browser for neither Mac nor Windows. Even after advancement in expanding internet access, the issue of hosting a website came up, and it got to a level where it became a source of concern.


To host a website would require an individual or company to own a computer or a server and these things don’t come by easy- to undertake on such venture require mammoth budget and expertise to man such operations. All of these factors forced web owners to employ hosting agencies to host their websites on the hosting agencies’ server. Hence, the client can host his website without having to own the infrastructure needed to host a website.


As individuals and companies continue to grow, so does the need to create significant awareness and establish a sustainable and robust presence. One way to achieve this is to go on the internet, and this has led to a countless number of companies seeking to claim a niche on the web. This has led to an amazing level of competition between web hosting companies as famous companies like Angelfire and Tripod went to the extent of offering free hosting in 1995.

What types of hosting are available?

We will look at a couple of them and see how it works. Also, note that the size of the intended project categorizes hosting.

  • Small hosting services

Files in this category are often delivered to the web with minimal processing, and most internet service providers (ISPs) offer these services for free to their clients or subscribers. However, individuals and companies can obtain hosting from alternative hosting service providers.


  • Larger hosting services

Most large corporations that are not internet service providers need to continuously connect to the internet to carry out operations such as sending emails, files, and lots more easily without delays and also communicate with other companies without hindrances. Such large companies require a robust and more comprehensive hosting package that offers database support, and application development fora like ColdFusion, PHP, ASP.NET, and Ruby on Rails.




  • Shared hosting services

In this category or type, a particular website is hosted on the same server as many others websites usually in the range of hundreds. Resellers often sell shared web hosting to provide hosting for webmasters or websites owners. Other types of hosting includes but not limited to reseller web hosting, the virtual dedicated server also known as a virtual private server (VPS).


What is offshore hosting and what are its benefits?


First, you have to decide if you would prefer to host your website locally, that is, host it in your region or a region or place other than yours. If you opt for the later (that is, hosting in a different region), this is referred to as offshore hosting. Contrary to popular opinions, one of the reasons why individuals or corporations opt for offshore hosting is often that of its low prices. This makes offshore hosting ideal especially if you are on a limited budget. Also, another common reason why people opt for offshore hosting is that it offers enhanced features with impressive improvements in its services.


Who can use offshore hosting?

Having seen some reasons why people opt for offshore hosting, it is best also to identify those who can benefit from offshore hosting. To begin with, virtually anybody across all works of life can benefit from this aspect of hosting especially if one wants to meet the demands of customers. As seen in conventional practices, developing countries rely on developed countries for outsourcing hosting needs. In fact, the opposite is the opposite in this case as webmasters or companies in developed countries also depend on developing countries to satisfy their hosting requirements. Those in developed countries benefit lower priced hosting from this relationship while developing nations benefit advanced security and file confidentiality. However, there are very few cases where webmasters opt for offshore hosting to enable them to promote activities or things that are barred in their localities for one reason or another.


Identifying the ideal VPS offshore hosting company for your website

Recall that virtual private server (VPS) involves logically dividing server resources to separate or partition the hard disk, the memory, and CPU time into virtual servers. It allows for stealth and efficient allocation of resources that doesn’t reflect the original hardware. Here are some hints to guide you in making the right choice of offshore hosting agency and benefit from the unrivaled uptime and level of reliability offered by a VPS. Aside from been technically competent, the VPS host must offer:

  • Security on the services provided.
  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Access
  • Scripting support
  • Bandwidth Bandwagon
  • Responsive helpdesk support
  • Amazing uptime

Another choice of offshore hosting that can also be beneficial to your venture is offshore dedicated servers which is ideal for online business that has potentials of yielding income from sales. The dedicated offshore server is perfect in circumstances where slow connection speed is a bottleneck. If you are seeking to employ the best offshore hosting company in the industry, is your best choice. We offer awe-inspiring offshore hosting services at very affordable and flexible rates. Our services are unique, certified and we guarantee quality assurances on all your orders. Contact us today and claim the best quotes for your offshore hosting needs!

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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

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